Half Boneless Murray Cod, Pick up April 2

Half Boneless Murray Cod, Pick up April 2

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Ready for the BBQ, Half boneless Murray Cod, 600g, serves 2-3 people.

Aquna/ Griffith, NSW 

We take a 3kg Murray Cod and remove all the bones & the head, achieving a slab approximately 1.2kg in weight. The Half portion is half of this slab, 600g in weight. The fish has been dry aged so the skin will crisp on your BBQ nicely.

To Cook:

To achieve this magnificent outcome pictured. Start by removing the Butterflied Murray Cod out to room temperature on a tray. 

Allow the fish to come up to room temperature approx 1hr.
Ideally, Heat a BBQ or large frypan to a high heat. 
Brush the skin of the Murray Cod with extra virgin olive oil from edge to edge then season liberally with flake sea salt, skin only.
Reduce the heat on the grill to medium and place the Murray cod skin side down. Place a fish weight or approx 1.5kg weight atop of the fish (you can use a saucepan) and allow the surface area of the skin to take colour and get crisp. This will take approx 5mins over an even medium heat. During cooking, move the fish once or twice to a new part of the grill to ensure you maximise the browning across the complete surface of the cod. 
Once you are happy with the colour on the skin. Using a spatula, carefully turn the fish to the flesh side and allow to sit on a very gentle heat for approx 1 to 1.5 mins to ensure the heat travels to the centre.
Allow around 20% of the cooking to happen once it is off the grill during the resting period, as the fish will retain a significant amount of temperature.
Set onto a large serving platter and season lightly to serve. Best suggestions are to serve this fish with a beautiful salad of green leaves, mint, avocado & cucumber.
As well flavours like black pepper, fennel, tomato, saffron, garlic, rosemary and miso all work extraordinarily well with Murray cod.
Happy Easter, we hope you love this wonderful boneless Butterflied fish